Affordable Housing Development

In October 1982, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven acquired a dilapidated house on Edgewood Avenue for rehabilitation and sale to a low-income first-time homebuyer. Twenty-eight years later, NHS is still acquiring vacant and abandoned houses and rehabilitating them as beautifully restored residences for our clients. To date we have rehabilitated or constructed more than 225 houses, each of which has provided a new homeowner with an outstanding homeownership experience. NHS is aware that many of our homebuyers will be on tight budgets after they have purchased their homes.

Financial Fitness

Stevens 35

MLK Day 2012

This year's MLK Day volunteer event was an adventure and a lesson in neighborhood stabilization, collaboration, and paintbrush sharing. We packed three different groups of young people onto the property on 838 Winchester Avenue to paint the basement and clean-up the surrounding area.