Mortgage Scam Awareness

What could possibly be worse than the prospect of losing your home in foreclosure? The answer is being scammed by someone claiming to help you avoid foreclosure--someone who takes your money while claiming to help you--while you still end up in foreclosure. As cruel and heartless as this sounds, there are unfortunately people who engage in such reprehensible behavior. NHS of New Haven provides counseling that will alert you to the dangers posed by these scam artists. We provide foreclosure intervention services without cost to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. You can feel secure that you are getting honest information and genuine assistance from a nonprofit organization that is here to serve you  



If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and fear that you might be at risk of foreclosure, please attend one of our Foreclosure Orientation classes that are held at our office on selected Tuesday evenings.

Please call (203) 777-6925.





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