March - UNH Alternative Spring Break

Students from the University of New Haven braved a cold and snowy week to help the community in many different ways. On Monday, we spread wood chips in Beaver Ponds Park. Tuesday brought a powerful snow storm that blanketed the city in about a foot of heavy snow, so then on Wednesday the students worked alongside EMERGE, CT to shovel several driveways in Newhallville, as well as the sidewalk around the Ivy Street Community Garden. On Thursday, the students helped assemble educational packets for one of our financial literacy classes. Finally, on Friday, we canvassed the neighborhood to get the word out about our Multicultural Family Festival on May 13th. 


April 1st and 2nd - Yale Chi Psi and Alpha Epsilon Pi

Dwight Hall connected us with two great fraternities this year, so our first weekend in April became more of a 'Greek-end'. All puns aside, both groups accomplished a tremendous amount in the community, which was a great way to make the most of our first warm weekend of 2017. Among the accomplishments were cleaning out planting beds in the Davenport Children's Garden and spreading woodchips in Beaver Ponds Park.


April 8th - Dwight Hall, Rock-to-Rock, and Quinnipiac

Dwight Hall and Rock-to-Rock helped coordinate what turned out to be a huge volunteer event. Students from Yale and Quinnipiac converged on Beaver Pond Park to continue the work of beautifying the space.


April 13th - Common Ground High School

Students from Common Ground continued the work of spreading mulch and also cleared a large thicket of Japanese Knotweed near the baseball field. Last year, the area was completely overgrown with obnoxious knotweed, and it will be an ongoing effort to completely eradicate it. 


May 24th - KeyBank

Managers from many different branches of KeyBank came to volunteer with us, and we split up the group to work in the Davenport Children's Community Garden and Sherman Forest. Their work helped to pave the way for a successful summer.


June 16th - Dimeo Construction

We spent a productive day in the Ivy Street Garden with Dimeo Construction. The garden looked great after a little sprucing up.


June 21st - Bike & Build and Burt Processing

Once again, Bike & Build stopped in New Haven to spend a day with us. They worked very hard in Sherman Forest to clear away knotweed and arrange a circular seating area near the baseball field.

At the Northern end of Sherman Forest, Burt Processing cleared away a massive amount of knotweed, effectively opening up a whole new area of Sherman Forest near the Police Academy.


June 28th - Citizen's Bank

We split them up into two groups for work at a private residence on Orchard Street and a community garden on Edgewood Avenue. After lunch, the groups switched projects, so everybody got to do a little bit of landscaping and a little bit of painting.


July 5th and July 26th - Explo at Yale
July 14th and July 15th - Choate Summer Program

The students in the Explo at Yale and Choate Summer Programs come from all over the world, and this year we had great groups who got a lesson in building park space. They went to Sherman Forest to dig up Japenese knotweed. A few of the students who were from Japan said that in the spring, the knotweed is commonly eaten, so next year we'll have to give that a try!