NeighborWorks Week - Bike & Build + Hopkins


This year's NeighborWorks Week featured many large groups, and luckily we had some big projects for them! For several days, we worked with seniors from Hopkins to further develop our Sherman Parkway Urban Oasis. On the final day with Hopkins, participants in the Bike & Build program joined us. Both groups did an incredible job of cleaning up and beautifying this new park.


March - Common Ground at Ivy Street Garden


Students from Common Ground High School helped with the seasonal preparations in the Ivy Street Garden. There was lots of trimming and clean-up to do, and no shortage of leaves to rake up from in and around the plant beds. With great enthusiasm, the students made short work of the spring gardening tasks! We're looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season brings!


Summer - Mural Painting Project

Throughout the summer, we worked on a community mural project, which was led by local artist, Kwadwo Adae. The project took shape over the course of many weeks. After prepping the surface with wire brushes, SquashHaven put the base layer down. With the help of some of Kwadwo's friends, we then used a projector late at night to trace the rough shapes of the figures.  Several group painting sessions and many hours of artist time were needed to fill in the colors. This was truly a collaborative effort that would not have been possible without the combined efforts of so many people, especially Kwadwo.