Opportunity for leadership development and community discussions



The Neighborhood Revitalization Institute (NRI) embodies the resident training and education component of our community building and organizing initiative. Often the biggest challenge to resident involvement is a lack of knowledge about where to begin or having confidence in one’s ability to make a difference. NRI programs allow residents to develop skills that build confidence in their ability to identify, organize, and advocate for change in their own neighborhoods. Taking the form of Resident Leadership workshops, house meetings, and community tours, the NRI provides regular opportunities for leadership development and community discussions.


Pooling best practices from the Revitalization Demonstration Project as well as successful ventures in other neighborhoods, the NRI provides a forum for exchanging ideas where it is also possible for residents to form responsive coalitions. The NRI will continue to investigate and apply holistic strategies that revitalize neighborhoods revitalization by encouraging individual homeownership and greater community engagement. Ultimately, the NRI will grow to include community conferences, citywide issue-based campaigns, and relevant lecture series. Future development of the NRI is an integral part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Campaign, and is designed to meet the community’s need for post-purchase homeownership support.