In October 2017, NHS of New Haven celebrated its 38th Anniversary!

Click above image to see before and after of the Scranton Street Triple Deckers

When Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven was established in 1979 its mission was to revitalize its target neighborhoods by rehabilitating houses of homeowners who needed technical or financial assistance. By 1982, the goal of increasing homeownership was incorporated into the mission, and shortly thereafter the mission statement was expanded to include community organizing that would help residents to take charge of their neighborhoods.


NHS of New Haven’s two target neighborhoods in the 1980s were Upper State Street and Dwight/Edgewood.  Most of our activity focused on relatively small rehab loans, most of which were made to low-income families who lacked the ability to take out a bank loan or to senior citizens who needed to repair their homes so they could continue to live in them.


Because of the strength of New Haven’s housing market throughout the 1980s, NHS began to undertake new construction projects for affordable housing development work towards the end of the decade.  Our Baldwin Court Townhouses at the intersection of Henry Street and County Street produced 16 two-family townhomes for a total of 32 affordable units.  At the same time, the complete rehab of four houses on Scranton Street in the West River neighborhood became the first example of our cluster strategy to maximize the impact of our work.