Matty Stevenson is more than a green thumb: her vision and skills have helped to grow not just a garden but a whole community. In 2011, this retired West Haven resident was looking for a new community gardening project. Our friends Chris Randall at the New Haven Land Trust, Chris Ozeck at the Urban Resources Initiative (URI), and NHS board member and Yale-New Haven Hospital community liaison Chris Prokop put Matty in touch with NHS' Community Building Specialist, Stephen Cremin-Endes. Stephen was working on a neighborhood revitalization project on Stevens Street in the Hill. This street, where NHS has rehabilitated a number of houses, had been struggling with crime and neglect. Stephen identified a vacant lot that he and community members believed would be ideal for a community garden. Matty committed to coming to the lot every Friday at 3:00 to provide an education program for 5-13-year-olds from the block. With soil and seeds from the New Haven Land Trust, and trees from URI, Matty and the children turned a trash-strewn vacant lot into an urban oasis. Yale and VISTA volunteers recycled materials from a deconstructed garage to build planting boxes and fencing. Older residents cultivate their own plots, while a core of neighborhood children and Matty dedicate their time and energy to nurturing this neighborhood asset.